5 Reasons to Trust Your Work to a Professional Proofreader

We are often asked what students have to gain from our proofreading and editing services. Why should they pay for a service that they might be able to access for free from their friends or relatives?

There are tons of great reasons why students should use our professional proofreading and editing services. Our clients come from a wide range of linguistic and academic backgrounds, and are constantly telling us that they benefit from our services in many different ways.

Here are 5 reasons to trust your work to our professional proofreaders that our clients have pointed out:

  1. Professional proofreaders and editors are more reliable than family or friends. Our professional proofreading staff is more dependable than people you know who volunteer to proofread your work. Our proofreaders and editors are trained and experienced in the art of academic editing. They know what to look for and can offer you advice on how to strengthen your paper. They are also more objective than people who know you personally, and won't be worried about hurting your feelings by suggesting improvements. Also, since we are not "doing you a favour", you can count on us to get your work done on time, every time!

    Your service is so great! I used to get my friend to edit my work but I felt bad asking her all the time and sometimes she couldn't finish it on time for my deadline. I used the 12-hour service so I could hand in my paper on time, and the results were fantastic. Thanks!”
  2. Professional proofreaders are experts. They are trained to not only provide editing services, but also to explain their corrections and suggestions in case you don't understand why a change might be necessary. Our proofreaders are experts in grammar and syntax. They know their grammar rules inside and out, and they are also well versed in different writing styles. They understand when it is appropriate to break grammar rules and when such conventions must be followed. Our proofreaders and editors are committed to academic integrity, and know how to strike an appropriate balance between suggesting changes and providing a re-write. They will make suggestions to improve your document without changing your meaning, and will ensure that it flows and that your content speaks for itself.

    Before finding MPS I had contacted several local 'proofreaders' who had quoted exorbitant prices. Most of them didn't even seem like they possessed the skills required to proofread my master's work. So, I gave MPS a shot. I sent them a short paper and was thrilled with the results... It was clear that someone had put a lot of time and effort into my paper. Not only did they fix my grammatical mistakes, they also suggested structural changes, pointed to 'holes in logic' and provided an email address to contact them with any specific questions. From that day forward I made a point of finishing my papers early and handing them in to MPS. Since using them I have never received a grade lower than an -A. It has been truly amazing working with the MPS team. These proofreaders are a truly invaluable resource to students everywhere.
  3. Clear and concise writing results in higher grades! The main objective of our proofreading staff is to ensure that your writing is error free and that your ideas are clearly communicated and easy to understand. This does not mean changing what you say, but can mean improvements to how you say it. In addition to correcting the technical elements of your paper, we help you by identifying repetition and problems with organization and cohesion. All of this contributes to a clearer message and higher grades!

    You guys helped me to Ace my economic development essay. It was my first time using your service and now I am a loyal customer. Thank you!
  4. Professional proofreading relieves your stress and boosts your confidence about the writing you produce. You don't have to worry that you've missed typos or grammar problems that will undermine your credibility as a writer and researcher when you trust your work to our expert proofreading staff. Because our proofreaders also make suggestions on areas to improve in your writing, you can feel confident that you have covered your bases, and that your essay or assignment is as strong as it can be!

    Wow! Thank you so much for your help! I feel so much better about my essay.
  5. Working with a professional proofreader can improve your writing over time. An important part of the work we do is providing you with support and feedback in addition to technical edits. Our proofreaders all have experience as teaching assistants, tutors, or educators, and have worked with students directly to help them to understand the basics of essay writing and to hone their writing skills. As you build your relationship with your proofreader, he or she will get to know your particular writing quirks, and will be able to offer you advice and support on areas to improve. Your proofreader will provide you with his or her personal email address so that you can ask questions about the corrections and suggestions in your document.

    Thank you very much for your prompt and great work! I am always satisfied your work as it is real eye opener. I am learning a lot from you.
    Thank you! This is Great!! These answers are sooo clear! Not only improved my proposal, also my knowledge increased!! Thank you so much!