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I just want to thank you for the great help that you have provided me in the last few days, specially on my essay to Stanford. It has the second lowest acceptance in the country and I feel very confident now.


I got 'A' for my dissertation, and I probably gain Master degree with distinction! This is much better than my expectation and I am really happy with this result!! Thank you very much for your help. Without your help and advices, I could not have gained such a good grade!!! I will recommend my friends to use your service, as it is very high quality!! Once again, thank you very much!!


I thank you very much for your quick action, you almost took 25 min to proofread my assignment. It is amazing service, GOOD JOB! You are not just a grammar checker, you possess good knowledge and thought as well. Thank you MadProofingSkillz.

Thank you for proofreding my paper and preface! I really appreciate for your work... I imagine you've saved many students like me :)

Master's student

Thank you for proofreading my dissertation. It was very helpful! I mean, VERY. Not only grammar, but you also commented on logical orders and clarifications. Your comments made my dissertation much better! :) I should've used the service earlier!

Nagisa, Master's student

Thank you! This is Great!! These answers are sooo clear! Not only improved my proposal, also my knowledge increased!! Thank you so much!


Thank you very much for your prompt and great work! I am always satisfied your work as it is real eye opener. I am learning a lot from you. By the way, some of my friends are asking you and your staff's help for proofreading. I am sure they will be happy and satisfied as well. I really like and appreciate for your work. It is always amazing.


You guys helped me to Ace my economic development essay. It was my first time using your service and now I am a loyal customer. Thank you!


"I just wanted to say THANKS!! I really appreciate all the work you've put into my papers. I am recommending you guys to everyone I know!


I am really impressed with the quality of your work! Congratulations! I will refer you to whoever needs this kind of help as my friend did. He told me about you.


I think your services are amazing!

Olivia, University of Ottawa

I was extremely hesitant to have my school work proofread online but I knew my grades were suffering as a result of poor organization and grammar. Before finding MPS I had contacted several local 'proofreaders' who had quoted exorbitant prices. Most of them didn't even seem like they possessed the skills required to proofread my master's work. So, I gave MPS a shot. I sent them a short paper and was thrilled with the results. I chose the 24-hour service and received my paper back long before the deadline. It was clear that someone had put a lot of time and effort into my paper. Not only did they fix my grammatical mistakes they also, suggested structural changes, pointed to 'holes in logic' and provided an email address to contact them with any specific questions. From that day forward I made a point of finishing my papers early and handing them in to MPS. Since using them I have never received a grade lower than an -A. It has been truly amazing working with the MPS team. These proofreaders are truly invaluable resource to students everywhere.


You are like Angels to me!! Thank you so much!


I used you guys and got an 89%, you are great I love it!


Thank you very much for your encouraging words. They really motivated me and gave me some good energy to do more practice for my presentation.


Thank you very much. Thank you for all your help. I have never been disappointed using your services!


Thanks for the great work on the last essay that you edited for me. What a difference!


Thank you veeeerrry much. It was the first time for me to use professional proofread service, but I really enjoy such interactive learning in communicating with you through several questions. I will definitely ask my dissertation to you as well. Thank you!