Proofreading Samples
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Mechanics — the science of writing

We make sure that your writing is technically correct.

In this sample, you can see how Katherine has fixed spelling and capitalization (titled to entitled, cafe to café, Museum of Art to Museum of Modern Art); punctuation (quotation marks, run-on sentences); grammar (consistency in use of the present tense: described to describes, consisted to consists, exemplified to exemplifies); and proper use of vocabulary (use of one word - exaggerates - to shorten an overly wordy sentence). Proofreaders will also comment on the consistency of your argument, and will ensure that numbers and lists are properly formatted.

Before proofreadingAfter proofreading

Style — the art of writing

Here, you can see how Karen has made many suggestions to help this client with writing style. She has made improvements to sentence structure (often through the proper use of semicolons); pointed out repetitive sections that can be cut from the document; suggested the use of subtitles for better organization; noted that moving a paragraph to the end of the document could strengthen the paper as a whole; and called attention to strong ideas that should be expanded.

Before proofreadingAfter proofreading

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When you receive your proofread document, the first thing you will see is a long comment from your proofreader. He or she will give you overall impressions of your document, point out any problem areas for you to consider, give you a quick idea of what to watch for when you read over your document, and provide his or her email address so that you can contact him or her for support directly. Check out the notes Kaitlyn and Karen left for their clients.

It's important for you that you get to know your proofreader! As you work together, your proofreader becomes familiar with your particular writing style, your writing goals, and the areas of difficulty for you. You can email your proofreader any time with questions about your document.

Sample comments from your editorSample comments from your editor