Comprehensive comparison
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It's not always easy to compare editing and proofreading services. This chart helps you to understand exactly how we're going to help you refine your writing.

To ensure that we're always providing you with the highest possible quality, we conduct quality checks with a follow-up survey. This gives you the chance to give us feedback that will help us to improve our editing services.

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Writing Mechanics—what's this?
Spelling and capitalization  Included Included Included
Punctuation  Included Included Included
Grammar  Included Included Included
Internal correctness and consistency Not Included Included Included
Proper use of vocabulary Not Included Included Included
Numbers and lists  Included Included Included
In-text citations Not Included Included Included
Writing Style—what's this?
Bias Not Included IncludedSome
Style, voice, and tone Not Included IncludedSome
Sentence structure Not Included IncludedSome
Paragraph structure Not Included IncludedSome
Organization Not Included IncludedSome
Length Not Included IncludedSome
Headings and sub-headings Not Included IncludedSome
Individualized Feedback—what's this?
General feedback Not Included IncludedNot Included
Contact your proofreader Not Included IncludedNot Included

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