Writing style
Communicate your ideas with precision

A polished piece of writing goes beyond writing mechanics, robust research, and fact checking. Your paper needs to read smoothly, and should be free from awkward and disorganized structures that distract your reader. Our proofreaders and editors are exceptionally thorough, and will make suggestions and corrections to ensure that your document is organized, clear, and concise.

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Biased language can damage the credibility of your argument, so don't let it bring your paper down. Your terminology should be inclusive of and sensitive towards, for example, different cultural and gender groups. Sometimes you can reveal your bias unconsciously. We will leave comments to point out any subtle biases you reveal.

Headings and sub-headings

Effective headers help organize your document and let your reader know what's to come. We'll help you identify where headings and sub-headings might be necessary, and we'll ensure that they're formatted clearly and in a way that is consistent with your academic institution's formatting style.

Style, voice, and tone

Your paper's tone, voice, and level of language should be appropriate for your audience. Jargon and colloquial language are acceptable in some types of documents, but not in academic papers.

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Sentence structure

A clear and concise sentence can inform and inspire (variety in structure and rhythm is also a prof pleaser). Wordiness, redundancy, and faulty parallelism, be gone!


Have a word limit but can't seem to whittle down those brilliant ideas? A skilled proofreader or editor can help you eliminate unnecessary words and meet length requirements.

Paragraph structure

Paragraphs are like mini-arguments. They must be organized, coherent, and of a suitable length. Strong paragraphs will also transition smoothly into one another.


A strong and sophisticated paper contains a logical, unified, and well-structured argument. Sections and sub-arguments are neatly organized, your ideas flow, and your reader feels at ease.